What our clients are saying... 

I have worked with Colin for a number of years now and I know he has my health and best interests at heart. I have nothing but praise for the work Colin does and his value as a health practitioner!  – Marg B., Retired, Edmonton, AB

Colin is an amazing, knowledgeable practitioner who not only addresses your ailments, but teaches stretches and exercises that are easy to understand for true recovery. Colin will get you back to top condition. You won’t be disappointed.   – Tim H., Electrician, Edmonton, AB

There is no doubt in my mind that the Foundation Training routine really made a huge difference for me!  No back pain even after hours in a chair, no hamstring pulls when competing! – Rathna, Engineering Manager, Badminton, Squash, Boxing, Edmonton, AB

Colin Tenove has been my therapist for over nine years now.  From hip aches, knee issues, neck issues and various other joint pains, Colin has continued to help me deal with these issues. I sleep great, have good balance when I walk and I feel better today at 60 then I did at 50!  Most of this I believe, due to my monthly therapy with him.  – Sherry, Edmonton, AB

I have been getting manual therapy treatments (osteopathic approach) from Colin for 4 years which also included through a pregnancy.  As a mom to young children, the ability to live with a reduction in pain has been overwhelming. I would encourage anyone looking for an osteopathic approach to treatment to consider Colin. – Lori, Edmonton, AB

I feel privileged to be one of Colin’s clients. For the better part of a decade he has worked out the creakiness caused by my everyday life and sports activities with his highly skilled treatment and fitness techniques, provided insight from his deep understanding and constant study of how the body works, and restored my sense of equilibrium with his sensitive, caring nature and gentle sense of humour. I walk taller for days after a session with Colin. – Debra KR, Edmonton, AB