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Hours of Operation are based on Appointment Schedule. 

To ensure our patients receive the best care when they need it most, we request that if you must cancel an appointment please give us 24-hours notice. "No shows" and late cancellations may be charged the full amount of the missed appointment.

We know that emergencies happen - if something comes up please contact us so we can treat your personal situation with personal attention. 

Recommended appointment length for initial visit is a minimum of 60 min to allow for a full assessment of your condition. Thank you! 

Why Choose Structure Health? 

About Foundation Training

Through a series of postures, poses, and movements, Foundation Training activates your posterior muscle chain and teaches your body to take the burden of supporting the body out of your joints and put it where it belongs, in your muscles. As an added bonus, when your body starts to get more of what it needs and wants, your brain responds as well.

Article: Why Are We in so Much PAIN? 

Our bodies are complicated machines; however, just like a tall tree or a highrise building, we all attempt to stand vertical against the compressive force of gravity. For many of us the strain of our postures are working against us and creating pain and dysfunction.  Sore necks and wrists, weak backs and hips, unstable knees and ankles.

At Structure Health we know that exercise is essential to health, so if you need to move, learn to move efficiently and effectively to reduce wear and tear, strain and pain. As renowned physical therapist Gray Cook says, "First move well, then move often, not the other way around."

At Structure Health we attempt to complement energetic and nutritional vitality with a physically functional body. Treatment is directed at balancing the body's muscles and joints alignment through range of motion therapy and stability exercise. Modalities include manual therapies, acupuncture, infrared heat, herbal nutrition, KT taping, Foundation Training and corrective exercise.