We offer Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Nutritional & Herbal Supplements, Corrective Exercise and Foundation Training. 

Please contact Colin@structure-health.com or call (778) 265-9765 for info, bookings and all other inquiries. 


“The confident and assured manner in which you carried out the acupuncture gave me such comfort, and the steady improvement over the weeks has been a great relief to me. 

– Jan G., Avid Hiker, Former Nurse, Canmore, AB

“Within one month after seeing Colin, I felt 50% improved, and after six months 75% improved. One year later, I did an adventure race and didn’t take my inhaler out of my bag, nor did I remember the last time I had to use it…I feel great!  Thanks Colin!”

– Shane H., Registered Massage Therapist, Adventure Racer, Calgary, AB

“The first week I saw Colin twice and by the third visit I had noticed marked improvement. It is without exaggeration when I say that I owe my regained health to Colin. 

– Jennifer K., Librarian, Victoria, BC